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"ONE OATH: Nurturing Brilliance"

Personalised Content



"Unleashing Potential: ASSESSLI's AI-Powered Education Revolution"

“Assessli” is the personalized mentor every student needs. Using AI-driven assessments to understand each student's unique requirements and create tailored education content and holistic development plans for their journey to success.- no average kid gets missed out.

“Changing the Way of Learning Forever”


What We Offer

ONE OATH offers personalized education, skill development, dedicated mentors, regional language courses, AI-driven monitoring, de-addiction programs, and parental counseling to empower non-school-going children in India. Join us in transforming lives through education.


Utilizing tailored evaluation methods to precisely analyze individual strengths, weaknesses, and learning needs, enabling targeted support for optimized educational outcomes and growth.

Personalized Content

Personalised Content

Tailor-made educational materials designed to meet the specific learning preferences, need and abilities of each individual, fostering engagement and maximizing learning outcomes.

Personalized Mentors

Personalised Mentorship

Individualized guidance and support from dedicated mentors, tailored to each student's unique goals, needs, and aspirations, nurturing personal and academic growth.

Personalized Skills

Personalised Skills & Course

Customized programs designed to develop specific abilities and knowledge based on individual interests, ensuring targeted skill enhancement and relevant learning experiences.

Journey Timeline

"Empowering Creativity, Connecting Knowledge, Fueling Growth."

Discover a transformative platform that empowers creativity, connects knowledge seekers with experts, and fuels personal and professional growth through collaborative projects, knowledge sharing, and professional development opportunities.

Collaborative Creative Space

Knowledge Sharing Hub

Professional Development

"Where Education Meets Innovation, Excellence Emerges."

Witness the profound impact of ONE OATH's innovative education solutions. Discover how we have empowered lives, bridged learning gaps, and unleashed the full potential of students across diverse communities. Together, we're transforming education for a brighter future.

What Our Clients Say

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“"One OATH has revolutionized our school's approach to education. The personalized mentorship program has transformed the learning experience for our students. The detection of learning gaps and targeted interventions have resulted in remarkable progress and improved outcomes. ONE OATH is an invaluable asset for our school community."”

Dibyendu Ghosh ,

"This concept seems intriguing & very much applicable for schools like ours as the learning gap has always been a problem for students. Also, providing proper guidance to the students was impossible. The initiative taken by ONE OATH will be a boon for students and their education."

Sourabh Das, GRHS

"I can't thank ONE OATH enough for their guidance and support. The concept of getting personalized mentors is revolutionary. They have helped me overcome my hurdles, and the detection of my learning gap has paved the way for targeted improvement. It's a game-changer!"

Raj Sarkar,

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With personalized education, AI-powered tools, a collaboration platform, comprehensive resources, progress tracking, mentorship programs, and career development opportunities, our product revolutionizes education and unlocks limitless potential for growth and success. Join us on this transformative journey.

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